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Canadian Links

Campaign 2000: Working to end child poverty in Canada.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - A great resource for reports on housing, homelessness, poverty, and more.

Canadian Council on Social Development: A voluntary, non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and promote progressive social policies inspired by social justice, equality and the empowerment of individuals and communities through research, consultation, public education and advocacy.  

Canadian Equality Housing Resources: A national website from the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation to provide community advocates with tools to effectively challenge discrimination in housing. Site includes links to human rights legislation, policy and research.

Canadian Health Coalition: Provides analysis and information about the Romanow Report

Canadian Pensioners Concerned: A national network focused on promoting social justice and social inclusion.

Centre for Social Justice: An Ontario-based advocacy organization that seeks to strengthen the struggle for social justice.

Charter Committee on Poverty Issues: This organization engages in the legal aspect of ending poverty -- it does not take on individual cases, but instead works with its coalition partners to fight against poverty using the premise of Charter rights and human rights documents adopted by the UN.

Community Information Toronto: Website has information about community, social, health and government services.

Community Social Planning Council of Toronto:

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada: Everything you wanted to know about co-ops and more!

Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto: CHFT promotes and develops non-profit co-operative housing in Toronto and York Region. Provides education, information, advice, and services to more than 45,000 people living in 165 housing co-operatives.

Dignity Virtual Village: Dignity Village is a mobile tent city in Portland, Oregon. It is home for people who might otherwise inhabit doorways and sidewalks. Dignity provides a peaceful community, a clean environment, a center, and safety ... follow this link to learn more

Edmonton Housing Trust Fund Website: A partnership of government, private service providers and not-for-profit organizations to assist in alleviating homelessness.

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

FRAPRU: Le Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain

Hamilton Action for Social Change: Peaceful civil disobedience based organization that fights for a variety of causes.

Homeless Memorial Page: Website remembers all those who have lived on the streets of Toronto and died as a direct result of homelessness.

Homeless Nation: The Homeless Nation provides tools for homeless Canadians to share their stories, unique philosophies and points of view with other Canadians. The site provides an opportunity for the general public to interact and learn more about Canada's homeless population.

Homelessness Action Group: A Toronto group who engages in legal, electoral and grassroots work to raise the issue of homelessness and to assist the homeless.

Housing Again: An excellent resource site dedicated to putting housing back on the public agenda.

Isthatlegal: website on welfare, ODSP, landlord and tenants.

Libby Davies. Member of Parliament, Vancouver East. New Democratic Party. Speaks out on housing and other issues.

Canada Without Poverty

National Coalition on Housing and Homelessness New York City homelessness strategy is not working. Watch this video to learn more. TDRC has concerns because Toronto is now trying a lot of the same tactics as NYC to deal with homelessness.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Toronto's direct action advocacy group, currently working on the Raise the Rates Campaign to increase the minimum wage and social assistance rates.

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

Parkdale Legal Services: Community based legal aid.

Pov net : A national anti-poverty resource site.

Raising The Roof: A charity organization that seeks to raise issues about homelessness.

The Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations A site dedicated to tenants rights and rental housing issues.

University of Ottawa, Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services: Several reports are online on homelessness, homeless deaths, etc. United Nations Links

U.N Fact Sheet, The Human Right to Adequate Housing: An official online UN fact sheet.

U.N. Comment on Canada's Human Rights Implementation, 1993: Official online document from the UN Economic and Social Council.

U.N. Questions on Canada's Human Rights Implementation, 1998: Official online UN document.

U.N. Gateway to Social Policy and Development: UN site on various issues, poverty being one of them.Many resources and online forums.

U.N. World Summit on Social Development: Online report.

American Links

Bay Area Homelessness Program: A campus based organization in California that raises the issue of homelessness and homelessness prevention through community projects and creating alternative policies for the government to consider.

National Alliance to End Homelessness: mobilizing private and public sectors to end homelessness, view their Tool Kit to End Homlessness on line, fact sheets for schools, and more

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Low Income Housing Coalition: A coalition working to end the affordable housing crisis in the USA. Lots of resources/reports and links to state member websites.

National Neighborhood Coalition: A national network that serves for a voice for community based organizations in Washington DC. They promote cooperation between various community organizations as well as public policies that strengthen the role of community and neighborhood-based nonprofit organizations as problem solvers and community builders

National Rural Housing Coalition: Fights for better housing and community facilities for low-income rural people.

North Carolina Housing Coalition: A private, nonprofit membership organization working for decent, safe and affordable housing that promotes self-determination and stable communities for low-income North Carolinians.

U.S. National Law Centre of Homelessness and Poverty: Specializes in the legal field in the fight against homelessness and poverty.

U.S. Health Care for the Homeless Resource Centre

U.S National Housing Institute: An independent nonprofit organization that examines the issues causing the crisis in housing and community in America. They also run a bimonthly magazine called Shelterforce.

U.S. National Low Income Housing Coalition: An organization dedicated to eliminating America’s affordable housing crisis. They organize and advocate for decent housing for everyone in good neighbourhoods. They also create policy alternatives.

International Links

Coalition on Human Needs: An alliance of national organizations working together to promote public policies that address the needs of low-income and other vulnerable populations.

Cooperative Housing Foundation: CHF helps people throughout the world improve their lives through development of community, habitat, and finance.

Global Peace Containers: A non-profit organization that is based in the US but operates in Jamaica that converts retired shipping containers into affordable housing.

Habitat International Coalition: Committed to the full implementation of the human right to adequate housing for all as “a place to live in peace and dignity.”

Housing Information Gateway: An archive that provides information for housing resources on the internet and offers essays on a variety of housing issues.

Housing Justice Roundtable: committed to improving access to affordable housing for people in the Inner Melbourne area.

Habitat for Humanity International: The international site for the charity which operates in countries all over the world to build affordable housing for lower income and poverty stricken families.

Homelessness in the U.K. A charity that collects, analyses and publishes information to enable volunteer and government agencies to better help those in need. Also, if you're looking for services, link on Homeless in London from this site.

Rebeccas Community: Homelessness in Australia, lots of photos and personal stories of street kids.