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Donate to TDRC

We are a small organization with little funding - in fact, no government funding! To support our organizing efforts to end homelessness, please consider making a small donation, whatever you can afford. We count on people like yourself that are concerned about homelessness to keep us financially afloat and focused on our goals. We can assure you that every penny we receive will be used as part of our national campaign to end homelessness.

Make the cheque payable to "Toronto Disaster Relief Committee" and mail your donation to: TDRC, PO Box 662, 31 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, ON, M5C 2J8.

Thank you for your support!

Your $$$$$ at Work

March 2007
Pressure from TDRC and other housing activists leads to the Ontario Government release of  $392 million for new affordable housing 
December 2006
A renewal of federal homelessness funding is announced after TDRC and others mount a successful campaign, including a rally at Church of the Holy Trinity
February 2005
Building community resistance to the City of Toronto's From Streets into Homes no "camping" by-law
April 2002
Municipal Shelter By-Law support work 
November 2004
The Great Sleep Out multi-day event for National Housing Day
Housing Ministers Meeting in Gatineau
Released National Housing Report Card
February 2002             
Home-Made Solutions: A One Day Workshop on Creating Housing Quickly
June 2004
Vote for Housing Fax-a-thon during the federal election
January 2002 
City budget monitoring – “No cuts to homeless services!”
December 2003
Released the Blue Print to End Homelessness in Toronto
December 2001 
“Worst Christmas Ever” report released
August 2003
Emergency relief for people on OW/ODSP after the black out
November 2001   
Housing Ministers Meeting in Quebec City
National Housing Framework Agreement signed!!!
2nd Annual National Housing Strategy Day
June 2003
Release of TB or Not TB, There is No Question (as part of the Tuberculosis Action Group)
October 200
Release of Shelter From the Storm – Documentary on Tent City and TDRC
Spring 2003
Release of the Shelter Inspection Report
September 2001        
TDRC Response to the September 11 Disaster

May 2002      
elease of Secret Video of Homeless Shelter
National Housing Week of Action
Tent City Spring Clean Up Work Party

August 2001              
“Housing for All” Rally at Housing Ministers Meeting – London, ON