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Right to Housing Charter Challenge

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee believes housing is a human right.

We have worked for several years with the Right to Housing Coalition to complete the necessary requirements for a Charter Challenge. We're happy to report that the documents filed with the courts are now available for you to see. They are on:

Dec 10, 2010 International Human Rights Day forum
Housing as a human right: Community & legal action to end homelessness
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Blog (started May 26, 2010) includes media round-up and video
Support the Right to Adequate Housing in Canada!

May 26, 2010
Globe and Mail: Charter challenge aims to force governments to create public housing

May 26, 2010
Media Advisory - Historic Charter challenge charges; Government has legal obligation to end homelessness

May 26, 2010
Radio-Canada: L'itinérance en violation de la Charte?