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2009 Reports
February 2009 Homelessness in Canada: Past, Present, Future
David Hulchanski
2008 Reports
March 2008 Bed Bugs 101 Cathy Crowe
February 2008
Wellesley Institute National Housing Report Card: Feds, most provinces fail to meet their commitment to increase affordable housing funding by $2 billion
Michael Shapcott
2007 Reports
November 2007 Wellesley backgrounder: National Housing Day 2007: Despite promises, few new homes and scarce dollars Michael Shapcott
October 2007 United Nations Special Rapporteur on adequate housing: preliminary observations of the Special Rapporteur at the end of his mission to Canada Miloon Kothari
September 2007 Street Health Report 2007: homeless people
face more violence and poor health
Street Health
May 2007 Wellesley backgrounder: Physical and sexual violence rates for homeless many times higher than housed Michael Shapcott

March 2007

Housing Action: Toronto Operating Budget:
how to fund 1,000 new homes
Michael Shapcott
February 2007 Dismantling downtown 2006-7: Service losses/reductions and their impacts  
January 2007 Ontario Alternative Budget 2007:
Fourteen cents a day won’t build many homes
Michael Shapcott
January 2007 Provincial Pre-Budget Submissions TDRC and Health Providers Against Poverty
2006 Reports
 2006 Where's Home 2006
A Picture of Housing Needs in Ontario
Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association
October 2006 Federal Pre-Budget Submission TDRC - Tanya Gulliver
May 2006 Time for a Fair Deal - Final Report

Time for a Fair Deal - Recommendations

The Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults (MISWAA)
2005 Reports
December 2005 Sarnia Homelessness Speech Cathy Crowe
November 2005 Dying for a Place to Call Home: UN Submission NHHN
Oct. 12th, 2005 Fall Throne Speech - Backgrounder - Results TDRC - Michael Shapcott
Sept. 22, 2005 Housing Report Card & Media Advisory  - Second Advisory NHHN
July 11, 2005 Killer Heat; Killer Smog TDRC - Michael Shapcott
June 25, 2005 Streets into Homes schemes has left too many people on our streets Michael Shapcott
May 24, 2005 Homelessness in the GTA: Public Priorities, Preferences, & Perceptions Leger Marketing
May 20, 2005 Resolution: End Homelessness in Canada    (French) Canadian Conference on Homelessness
May 20, 2005 No Homeland for the Poor: Houselessness and Canada's Unhoused Population David Hulchanski
May 2005 Housing and Homelessness Cathy Crowe
March 2005 Catch Us Before We Fall Toronto Youth Cabinet Report on Homelessness
March 2005 Homelessness Report Card (Ottawa)  English / French Alliance to End Homelessness - Ottawa
February 2005 Child Poverty in Rich Countries 2005 UNICEF
February 7, 2005 Toronto Budget Submission Michael Shapcott, TDRC
January 19, 2005 Social Housing Cures Homelessness
One-page summary
Michael Shapcott, TDRC
January 18, 2005 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission TDRC
2004 Reports
December 2004 Housing is Good Social Policy Tom Carter & Chesya Polevychok (Centre for Policy Research Networks)
November 30, 2004 National Housing Policy Inclusive of Women National Working Group on Women and Housing
November 30, 2004 Housing Report Card & Media Advisory
FTP-Housing Ministers' Meeting Submission
November 23, 2004 Federal Pre-Budget Submission TDRC & NHHN
November 2004 Illegal to be Homeless: the Criminalization of Homelessness in the USA National Coalition for the Homeless
November, 2004 National Housing Day - The Great Sleep Out - background info sheet TDRC
November 8, 2004 Press Release - Bishop urges Anglicans to speak out on housing crisis Diocese of Toronto, Anglican Church of Canada
November 2004 Homeless People's Trust and Interaction with Police and Paramedics Tanya Zakrison, Paul Hamel, Stephen Hwang
October 2004 RNAO - Policy Statement on Homelessness Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
October 2004 Hunger Count 2004 Canadian Association of Food Banks
August 2004 Home Insecurity: The State of Social Housing Funding in BC Canadian Centre for Social Policy Alternatives
August 2004 Somewhere to Live or Something to Eat: Housing Issues of Food Bank Clients in the GTA
Full Report
Daily Bread Food Bank
June 2004 From Tent City to Housing City of Toronto
May 2004 Voices: Women, Poverty, and Homelessness in Canada National Anti-Poverty Organization
May 2004 Homelessness in Toronto: A Review of the Literature from a Toronto Perspective Community Social Planning Council of Toronto
May 2004 Seniors' Health and Housing Crossroads: Exploring Alternatives to Long Care Facilities Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizens' Organizations
May 2004 Real Change; Real Choices: Investing in the services Ontario Needs - and paying for them.  Ontario Alternative Budget Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Spring 2004 Income for Living? National Council of Welfare Reports
Spring 2004 Welfare Incomes 2003 National Council of Welfare Reports
April 13, 2004 Risk of Death Among Homeless Women Dr. Angela Cheung & Dr. Stephen Hwang (Canadian Medical Association Journal)
April 5, 2004 Poverty By Postal Code United Way
February 26, 2004 Mayor's Affordable Housing Summit Highlights City of Toronto
January 2004 Homelessness in HRM: A Portrait of Streets and Shelters Halifax Region Municipality
2003 Reports
December 2003 Blue Print to End Homelessness TDRC
September 2003 Report Card on Homelessness City of Toronto
August 2003 A Study of the Deaths of Persons who are Homeless in Ottawa - A Social and Health Investigation Dr. Manal Guirguis-Younger, Vivien Runnels, & Tim Aubry
June 2003 Tb or not Tb? There is no question TBAG
May 2003 Shelter Inspection Report TDRC
May 2003 GIMME Shelter Centre for Social Justice
April, 2003 Backgrounder to Federal-provincial-territorial housing ministers meeting (Winnipeg, April 14-16) National Housing and Homelessness Network
March 2003 Obstacles to Securing and Maintaining Housing for Recipients of Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program Social Planning Council of Ottawa
March, 2003 TDRC Statement against the War TDRC
March 2003 State of the Crisis 2003: Ontario Housing Policies are De-Housing Ontarians: Ontario Alternative Budget  Full Report      Highlights Michael Shapcott, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
February 10, 2003 Toronto Charter for a Healthy Canada School of Health Policy and Management, York University and the Centre for Social Justice
2002 Reports
November 22, 2002 Report card on the first anniversary of the signing of the
federal-provincial-territorial Affordable Housing Framework Agreement.
National Housing and Homelessness Network (NHHN)
November 22, 2002 National Housing Day! Events taking place across the country. For more information, contact TDRC. More Info NHHN/TDRC/Federation of Canadian Municipalities
November 21, 2002 One year after Affordable Housing Framework Agreement, low income Canadians still looking for affordable housing. NHHN
September 2002 Throne Speech 2002: Time to Start Building New Housing! NHHN
August 28, 2002 Housing for All Canadians - pre-budget submission NHHN/TDRC
July 2002  Backgrounder from the Housing and Homelessness Network in Ontario on the new Ontario housing program Housing and Homelessness Network in Ontario
July 2002  Can Canada Afford to Help Cities, Provide Social Housing, and End Homelessness?  David Hulchanski
June 2002 Profiting from a Manufactured Housing Crisis /Ontario Alternative Budget 2002 Michael Shapcott
June 2002 How Affordable is the New Federal-Provincial Housing Program? Daily Bread Food Bank
May 2002 Where's the Housing? NHHN
March 2002 Women and Housing in Canada: Barriers to Equality Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
February 2002 Home-Made Solutions Report TDRC
2002 A Decade of Decline: Poverty and Income Inequality in Toronto in the 1990s United Way
November, 2002 Illegal to be Homeless: the Criminalization of Homelessness in the USA National Coalition for the Homeless & National Law Centre on Homelessness and Poverty
2001 Reports
December 2001 Worst Christmas Ever Report TDRC
November 2001 State of the Crisis Report NHHN
October 2001 State of the Disaster - Update TDRC
August 2001 A Tale of Two Canadas: Homeowners getting richer, renters getting poorer  David Hulchanski
Summer 2001 How to turn promises into housing for all NHHN
June 2001 Canada's Dirty Little Secret NHHN
May 2001 Made in Ontario Housing Crisis - Ontario Alternative Budget Michael Shapcott
May 2001 Canada's Creeping Economic Apartheid: The economic segregation and social marginalization of racialised groups Centre for Social Justice
April 2001 Housing, Homelessness, Poverty -- and Free Trade in Canada Michael Shapcott
January 2001 Homelessness and Health, Canadian Medical Association Journal Dr. Stephen Hwang
2001 The Report Card on Homelessness City of Toronto
2000 Reports
December 2000 A New Canadian Pastime: Counting Homeless People David Hulchanski
September 2000 Open Letter to Housing Ministers NHHN
August 2000 Who's the Target? An Evaluation of Community Action Policing Committee to Stop Targeted Policing
May 2000 A Report on A Decade of Child and Family Poverty in Canada Campaign 2000
March 2000 Did the weather cause Canada's Mass Homelessness?
Homeless-Making Processes and Canada's Homeless-Makers
March 2000 Open Letter to the Prime Minister TDRC
February 2000 Toronto - Where are your Priorities? (re: Olympics) TDRC
February 2000 People without Housing: Homelessness is a Human Rights Violation David Hulchanski
February 2000 Homelessness in Ontario - Ontario Pre-Budget Consultation Submission TDRC
February 2000 Legal Second Suites: A Step Towards Ending Homelessness in Toronto TDRC
February 2000 Housing and Budget 2000 - Cruel Disappointment for Homeless NHHN
February 2000 Paul Martin's Solutions to Canada's Housing Problems TDRC
2000 Tell Ottawa - We need Real Money for a National Housing Strategy  NHHN
2000 Report Card on Homelessness City of Toronto
Pre-2000 Reports
November 1999 Federal Pre-Budget Consultation Submission TDRC
March 1999 Death on the Streets of Canada TDRC
December 1998 Homeless People vs the Federal and Provincial Government: People's Court TDRC
October 1998 Homelessness in Canada: Report to the UN David Hulchanski
October 1998 Proposal for Emergency Relief Strategy for Toronto TDRC
Winter 1998 TDRC State of Emergency Declaration TDRC
1998 From Shelter Request to Housing Stability Marybeth Shinn, et al.
New York University
1998 U.N. Canad'a Human Rights Implementation: 1993 & 1998  
1998 U.N. Questions on Canada's Human Rights Implementation, 1998: Official online UN document United Nations
1993 U.N. Comment on Canada's Human Rights Implementation, 1993: Officialonline document from the UN Economic and Social Council. United Nations
  U.N Fact Sheet, The Human Right to Adequate Housing: An official online UN fact sheet. United Nations
1986   Inquest into the Death of Drina Joubert, Verdict of the Coroner