the 3nd Annual 

 Friday, November 22nd 2002

National network to release housing report card:

National Housing Day – November 22

to be marked in two dozen communities


Housing advocates, low-income renters, people who are homeless, municipal politicians, government officials and others will be gathering in two dozen communities across Canada on Friday, November 22, to mark the fourth annual National Housing Day. The event is sponsored by the National Housing and Homelessness Network and marks the fourth anniversary of the declaration by the Big City Mayors’ Caucus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities that homelessness is a national disaster. The mayors of Canada’s largest municipalities called on the senior levels of government to take action. Some of the activities for 2002 include:

·        a two-day conference on homelessness in St. John’s, NL, plus a 24-page newspaper supplement that will reach 60,000 households.

·        a rally at Halifax City Hall

·        a series of actions in communities across Quebec

·        speakers and music, along with a display of art by homeless children in Ottawa

·        a rock ‘n’ rally for housing in Toronto

·        a challenge to municipal councillors in London

·        the “biggest ever” Homes for All march in Parry Sound

·        an exhibit of photos by homeless people in Thunder Bay

·        the “building a solution” puzzle in Calgary

·        a rally and vigil in Edmonton with Senator Douglas Roche

·        a Silent Vigil and rally Kingston

The National Housing and Homeless Network will release a report card on Friday to mark the first anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Housing Framework Agreement by federal, provincial and territorial housing ministers on Nov. 30, 2001.


The National Housing and Homelessness Network is calling on the federal government to adopt the One Percent Solution - $2 billion annually to fund a renewed national social housing program. The network is calling on provinces and territories to match that amount. The money would be used to fund new social housing supply, rent supplements for low-income households, rehabilitation of substandard housing, supportive housing and shelters and services for people who are homeless.

  Get Involved in National Housing Day


Celebrate National Housing Day!  Make sure your community joins others across the country on this day to call for a fully-funded national housing program. 


Start a “National Housing Day Action Group” Call on housing and homelessness groups, tenants’ organizations, unions, local district labour council, local politicians, and social justice and faith groups to help you plan for the day.  


Identify one or two good ideas for the day: Get idea’s from what others are doing (homeless vigil, forum, community meal, march, rally, puppetry, building of real or symbolic houses, photo-exhibit, music). Other ideas include a community screening of Shelter From the Storm--the documentary on Toronto’s former Tent City, hang a “Housing for All” banner in a prominent place in your community, release a “one year later” report card on the housing agreement, street theatre, a play, …  be creative!


Spread the Word: Use the day to help build awareness on housing and homelessness issues. Contact local media well in advance of the event. Let them know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or encourage a prominent person in your community to write an op-ed piece to be included in the paper the day before your event.


Ask your Mayor to Proclaim the Day: In many municipalities the mayor can issue proclamations to mark special days. Call your mayor and ask that November 22 be named as “National Housing Day”.  Use the attached sample proclamation as a guide.


Keep in touch with us: The National Housing and Homelessness Network can help by providing action ideas, sample flyer, press release and proclamation, background information, or other support you may need. We will also include your community’s participation in our national media work. Please let us know about your plans.

Start Organizing Today.  Be creative and have fun!


Sample Proclamation
(Use this as a guide to draft the text of the proclamation for your community)

National Housing Day
November 22, 2002

WHEREAS, the City of Toronto, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and other organizations across the nation have recognized that homelessness is a National Disaster and called on the Federal government to develop and implement a national housing strategy; and

WHEREAS, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is advocating for a National Housing Strategy, and as an influential member of the FCM, the City of Toronto endorses and supports a National Housing Strategy; and

WHEREAS, communities across Canada are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, and it is important for all levels of government, organizations and communities to work together to provide adequate and affordable housing that will make a real difference in the lives of many men, women and children who require shelter.


THEREFORE, I, Mayor Mel Lastman, on behalf of Toronto City Council and the 2.5 million people of our great City, do hereby proclaim November 22, 2002 as “National Housing Day” in the City of Toronto, and urge all levels of government and community organizations to work in partnership to implement a fully-funded National Housing Strategy for all of Canada.

Mel Lastman, Mayor.

For more information, contact TDRC (the secretariat for the National Housing and Homelessness Network) at 416-599-8372 or email


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