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May 2002

Where's the Housing?

On May 14, 2002 the National Housing and Homelessness Network released a "Where's the Housing?" report during the National Week of Action on Housing. The report examines the state of the affordable housing agreement framework six months after it was signed in Quebec City in November 2001. All ten provinces signed the Agreement. It called on the federal government to provide $680 million over 5 years for new affordable housing and the provinces were supposed to match the federal funds. The report included a report card revealing the failed promises and betrayed commitments of the provincial and federal governments. Below is a quick synopsis of the report card.  

Government Grade Comment
Federal Government D- 7% of 1% -- A promising start but not good enough!
Quebec A Shows great leadership! Well done!
British Columbia F A disastrous response to a national disaster
Alberta F Incomplete assignment: housing cuts indicate failed promise
Saskatchewan F Incomplete assignment - housing cuts indicate failed promise
Manitoba F Incomplete assignment- housing cuts indicate failed promise
Ontario F Incomplete assignment - shows poor math skills - need to "match" fed dollars
New Brunswick F Incomplete assignment - no housing cuts but inadequate response
PEI F Incomplete assignment - housing cuts indicate failed promise
Nova Scotia F Incomplete assignment - housing cuts indicate failed promise
Newfoundland F Incomplete assignment - increased housing spending but inadequate response

The complete report:
Section 1: The complete report card
Section 2: Our demand for the One Percent Solution -- More Affordable than Ever!!

Six months ago, Ontario said it would help fund new affordable housing. . .

In November of 2001, Ontario housing minister Chris Hodgson joined with the federal government and every other province in signing the Affordable
Housing Framework Agreement. Under this deal, Ontario has promised to move "as quickly as possible" to provide funds to build affordable housing for
low and moderate income renter households. Ontario also agreed to match the $245 million that the federal government will pay for desperately needed new
housing in Ontario.

Six months later, Ontario has only agreed to spend $20 million - that's about 7% of what it agreed to under the November housing deal. And Ontario
wants to divert the funds to expensive private sector rental units, instead of affordable housing for the people who need it the most.

It's time to raise your voice: Phone, fax or write Premier Ernie Eves. Tell him that you want Ontario to honour the commitment it made in Quebec City
and spend $245 million in new provincial funds for affordable housing in Ontario. And tell him that you want the money to go for housing that is
truly affordable to low and moderate income households.

Call or write today!
Premier Ernie Eves - phone: 416-325-1941, fax: 416-325-7578
Address: Legislative Bldg, Queen's Park, Toronto, ON M7A 1A1
If possible, please send us a copy of your communication. Thank you.

For more information, contact TDRC (the Secretariat for the National Housing and Homelessness Network) at

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