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Tent City

Tent City Today

An International Call for Solidarity...

On Tuesday, September 24, 2002, Home Depot Canada sent a small army of private security guards backed by a small army of Toronto police to forcibly evict about 125 people from a homeless encampment on their unused property in downtown Toronto, Canada. Home Depot needs to be held in account for its actions.  Due to the urgency and seriousness of this matter, please respond immediately to our international call for solidarity and action against Home Depot.

Home Depot needs to be held in account for its terrible actions against Tent City on September 24. Organize an information picket of a Home Depot store in your community. See below for more information to help you.  Also, get the report on the first information picket of the Home Depot Canada head office and store!

The HomeLess Depot Campaign Action Pack:

  1. Background guide (includes info on the key demands and what you can do)
  2. A tip sheet on how to organize your own information picket of a Home Depot store.
  3. Sample text for flyer that can be distributed at your information picket.

Any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call at 416-599-8372 or email Thanks.
Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

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After the eviction, some of the people living at Tent City were housed under Toronto's Emergency Pilot Project - where individuals received rent supplements. Read the city's evaluation of the project, which is still continuing today.

Shelter From the Storm
A New Film by Michael Connolly
55 minutes.  2001. VHS.  Produced by Brink Inc. in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The number of homeless people has increased dramatically since the mid-1990s.  What can advocates for homeless people do to change anything?  This cinéma vérité documentary follows the behind-the-scenes activity of TDRC in their effort to pressure governments to end homelessness.

In Shelter From the Storm, TDRC works with residents of Canada’s most famous squatter encampment Tent City to prevent their eviction. The residents have squatted on unused and polluted land on Toronto’s waterfront.  The owner of the land Home Depot, the City of Toronto and the provincial Ministry of the Environment want Tent City off.  Residents and TDRC push City Council to provide land and new housing.

For more information on the film, how to obtain a copy of the video, or to request a TDRC and/or Tent City speaker for your presentation of the film to your group, contact TDRC at 416-599-8372 or