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TBAG - Tuberculosis Action Group is a coalition that includes front line workers, drop in centre staff, street nurses and shelter staff who are concerned about TB among Toronto's homeless population.
Read the TBAG report on tuberculosis in Toronto's homeless community:  TB or Not TB? There is no question.  First published in June 2003, this report includes a backgrounder on TB, risk factors on why TB spreads throughout the homeless community, recommendations to prevent transmission, a glossary of terms, and much more.
TB Inquest in to the Death of Joseph Teigesser

In 2001, Toronto experienced a micro-epidemic as tuberculosis spread throughout the homeless community.  Fifteen men developed active TB, many of whom have died as a result.  The Coroner's Office held an inquest into the death of one of these men.  That man was Joseph Teigesser.  TBAG held an active role in getting this inquest started.  Today, TBAG continues to advocate for the necessary precautionary measures in order to prevent another outbreak.
Press Releases from the Inquest


Photos from the Inquest

Information about TB
How TB is spread/How to stop TB from spreading
The Lung Association has quick facts on TB, as well as the history of TB in Canada, and a quiz to test your TB knowledge.
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