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Car Rally – National Housing Day

Join us on National Housing Day!
National Housing Day Car Rally
Nov. 22nd, 1030am, Sunnyside Park

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OVER 25 vehicles registered!!

November 22nd is National Housing Day. This date commemorates the day the Big City Mayors caucus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities endorsed the TDRC declaration that homelessness was a national disaster.

This year we are working in partnership with organizations affected by the threatened federal cuts to the SCPI program and an entire Ryerson class to plan a car rally.  A car rally is something new but originates from a form of protest used in Central America and on a smaller scale in Canada (for example taxi drivers or farm workers who use their vehicles in a contingent to raise awareness of their issues).

Cold and wet winter outdoor rallies, marches and events have been difficult and often exclude poor people, seniors, children, and people with disabilities.  This event is inclusive; in fact we will be renting two buses to ensure homeless people can take part.  We are also taking environmental concerns into consideration and only plan a two hour event.  

The starting point for the rally will be Sunnyside Park on the Lakeshore on the morning of November 22.  Cars will be decorated at this site and then will begin the route which will include a drive through the downtown,  Sherbourne and Dundas, past Moss Park, City Hall and around Queen's Park

We will meet at 10:30am, and hit the road at 11am. Click here for a map of the route. Please note that the route may change based on number of registered vehicles, road closures, and construction.

See the Car Rally FAQ for answers to possible questions you may have.

TO REGISTER your vehicle send an email to

TO ENDORSE the event, send an email to