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#58 – December, 2009 Newsletter

I've been a Street Nurse in Toronto for over 20 years. I continue to work on issues that are close to my heart: homelessness and housing. I have just completed five and a half years of my Atkinson Economic Justice fellowship. In this newsletter I hope to continue to report on the urgent issues and what you can do to help end this disaster. Cathy

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Recession causing sharp increase in homelessness. Winter sets in with people waiting outside full shelters for a bed.
You are among the special few who know that Toronto Disaster Relief Committee is a small group of volunteers on the ground, in drop-in centres, shelters and outreach sites. We see and hear the people living the disaster right now.
Our only hope is supporters and friends like you.

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We will immediately turn those funds into direct action.

Who monitors and tracks the deaths of the homeless?
Sadly, we do.

In the fight against discrimination, recession, health risks such as tuberculosis, seasonal flu, H1N1, bedbugs, the shortage of shelter beds, we see the hard impact on homeless people. We respond to the emergency, we sound the alarm on behalf of the vulnerable, right now.
Unless we can put more money into TDRC we cannot continue.
As a street nurse and a passionate member of the TDRC steering committee I simply cannot let that happen.
We need to ramp it up but we don't have the money to continue.
That's why I am sending you this special urgent appeal today
In this time of economic crisis, worsening homelessness and government inaction TDRC must remain a strong voice.
You know I am determined in my hope. I know we can raise the money we need to keep up the fight.
Urgently need your help to meet this enormous challenge.
But we need to act very fast. Click here now please

We must remain independent in our advocacy, TDRC cannot issue tax receipts. We strive for results beyond what government and charity can provide. Need to make sure we have enough funds to stand up and for each other and support the most vulnerable in our society.
Together we fight for long-term policy change and I know you know that we have won concessions before - but only through mobilization made possible by your support.
It is more vital than ever that we continue.
Homeless advocates across the country need the insight, policy advice and research we provide

But we need to keep on going
Charter challenges. Fighting anti-homeless laws. Education. Advocacy. Community development. Mobilization, resources. Relief for the most vulnerable in our society.
TDRC's work over the years has led to over $1billion dollars in funding to respond to homelessness across the country and many new shelters and policies that have helped people
The issues of poverty, malnutrition and overcrowding are as harmful to health today as they were in the 1930's
We need to keep up the fight 

Please show your support with a generous donation now

Whatever you can right away. -It is truly that urgent.
We will immediately turn those funds into direct action.
I know I can count on you. Thank you so much for your support.


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