2005 Press Releases

July 16, 2005

TDRC brings a picnic and fun to Metro Hall Cooling Centre

July 13, 2005

Toronto’s response to killer heat / smog is dangerously inadequate

July 5, 2005

TDRC Calls for Action as Boarding House Tenant Dies in Killer Keat

April 27, 2005

National Coalition Welcomes Budget Agreement

April 24, 2005

Speak Out Against Shelter Closure

February 27

Homeless to be Evicted From Bridge

February 22

Time for Feds to Show "Housing Matters"

January 31

Lawyers Urge Council to Drop Homeless Ban

January 31

Anti-Homeless Law Won't End Homelessness

January 18

House the Homeless, Drop Anti-Homeless Law

2004 Press Releases