Categories: General
      Date: Nov  4, 2010
     Title: "Unheard Voices" Film

UNHEARD VOICES, produced by Mike Yam and the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, is a film that follows the footsteps and voices of seven homeless people who have spent years on the streets of Toronto.

Unheard Voices, film by Mike YamTheir stories not only help us understand how homelessness impacts them and the people in our communities, but it is a powerful exposé of a system gone terribly wrong. Along with compelling accounts of experiences inthe city, the film reveals an underlying urgency that requires us to take immediate action to address homelessness locally and across the country.

How you can order UNHEARD VOICES on DVD:
Contact Mike Yam at {mailto address="" encode="javascript"} to place an order.
Cost: $10 for individuals or community groups.