Housing Not War Declaration Signers

Below you can find the Organizations and Individuals who have signed the Housing Not War declaration, as well as political supporters, and public figures

The Housing Not War Declaration

We support the demand that the federal government implement a Housing Not War strategy. Canada is at war in Afghanistan. Homelessness remains a national disaster in Canada. Canadian troops should come home, and funding directed towards war and militarism should go towards housing and other peaceful purposes.

As homelessness worsens in Canada, the federal government can no longer justify spending untold billions of dollars on war. We call for the 1% solution – an additional 1% of the federal budget to be allocated towards social housing. This would bring spending to $4 billion per year.


Abandonment Issues
Aboriginal & Workers of Colour
Accommodation Information and Support
Adala -Canadian Arab Committtee
AIDS Action Now!
Al-Huda Muslim Society
Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP)
Artists Against War
Arts and Science Students' Union - UofT (ASSU)
Assaulted Women's Helpline
Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society (ACCESS)
Athabasca Peace Initiative
Bleecker Street Co-operative Homes, Inc.
Board of Directors, Windmill Line Co-operative Homes
Brampton Coalition for Peace and Justice
Brampton Multi-Faith Council
Brewin Housing Co-op
Burlington-Halton Chapter of the Make Poverty History Campaign
Canada Palestine Association
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)
Canadian Arab Federation
Canadian Auto Workers (CAW)
Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Durham Regional Environment Council
Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Local 35
Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT)
Canadian Department of Peace Initiative
Canadian Federation of Students (CFS)
Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)
Canadian Muslim Union
Canadian Palestine Association
Canadian Peace Alliance
Canadian Peace Congress
Canadian Syrian cultural club
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) - Scarborough Local
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 1281
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2059
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 2191
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3905
Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Toronto District Council
Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice Toronto Chapter
Catholics for Peace - Toronto
Cawthra Mansions Housing Co-op
Center For Information Awareness
Central Neighbourhood House
Centre for Social Justice
Charles Hastings Housing Co-op.
Check Your Head
Coaction Staff Association
Communist Party of Canada
Communist Party of Canada (Ontario)
Community Action on Homelessness
Community Housing Action Committee
Community Resource Connections of Toronto
Community Social Planning Council (CSPC) of Toronto
Comox Valley peace group
Conscience Canada
Continuing Education Students' Association of Ryerson (CESAR)
Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA)
Council of Canadians
Davenport Neighbours for Peace
Davenport Perth Community Ministry
Dejinta Beesha ( Multi Service Centre)
Disability Action Movement Now (DAMN2025)
DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) Ontario
Don Valley West NDP Riding Association
Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism (ECAWAR)
Edmonton Quaker Meeting
Edmonton Small Press Association
Educators for Peace and Justice
Ethical Environmental Consulting
Faith Action Network
FGM Alternatives
Fieldstone Housing Co-operative
Fish, Food and Allied Workers [CAW]
Friends and Advocates Centre Etobicoke
Friends of Heart Lake
Front D'Action Populaire en Reamenagement Urbain (FRAPRU)
Frontiers Foundation
Grandmother Moon Lodge
Halifax Peace Coalition
Hamilton Food Not Bombs
Health Providers Against Poverty
Hiroshima Day Coalition
Homes Not Bombs Toronto
Humanize Toronto
International Alliance of Inhabitants
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
International Oil Working Group
Islamic Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Canada
John Howard Society of Toronto
Journalists for Human Rights @ York University
Kensington-Bellwoods Community Legal Services
Kingston Coalition Against Poverty (KCAP)
Lakeshore Area Multiservice Project (LAMP) Community Health Centre
Leave Out ViolencE (L.O.V.E.)
Lethbridge Network for Peace
Limeston Kingston Raging Grannies
Low Income Families Together (LIFT)
Manitoba Young New Democrats
Margaret Frazer House
Mississauga Coaltion for Peace and Justice
National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO)
National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)
Neighbourhood Information Post
Nelson Peace Coalition
Nelson United Church
Nelson War Resister Support Campaign
Network to Oppose War and Racism - Pacte contre l’Agression, l’Intolérance et la Xénophobie (NOWAR-PAIX)
New Democratic Party Socialist Caucus
New Hampshire Homeless
No One Is Illegal
North Bay & District Labour Council
North Bay Network for Social Action
North Shore Projects Society for the Low Income and Handicapped
North York Harvest food Bank
Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace
Oak Street Housing Co-operative
Oceanside Peace Vigil
Older Women's Network
Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH)
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
Ontario Coalition for Social Justice
Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association
Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - Brock
Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - Toronto
Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - York
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF)
Ontario Women's Health Network
Ottawa Raging Grannies
Out of the Cold - Tenth Avenue Church
Palestine House
Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC)
Parkdale Community Legal Services
Peace Kingston
Peace Studies, John Abbott College
Perth Avenue Housing Co-op
Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty (PCAP)
Pivot Legal Society
Poets Against War . ca
Public Sector Workers Club
Public Witness Circle of Trinity-St. Paul's United Church
Ralph Thornton Centre
Ramer's Wood Cooperative Homes
RCR Auto
Regent Park Community Health Centre
Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO)
Réseau Solidarité Itinérance du Québec (RSIQ)
Scarborough Community Legal Services
Science for Peace
Sexual Assault Centre of Brant
Sistering: A Woman's Place
Social Justice Committee at The Church of the Holy Trinity
Socialist Project (Ottawa)
South Asian Peoples Forum
South Riverdale Community Health Centre
St. Clare's Multifaith Housing Society
Stop Climate Chaos Toronto
Streams of Justice
Street Health
Street Nurses Network
Student Christian Movement at York University
Students Against Climate Change (U of T)
Taproot Faith Community
Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU)
The Boundary Peace Initiative
The Left Institute
The Muslim Services, Toronto
The Regenesis Project
Together For Human Rights
Toronto Action for Social Change (TASC)
Toronto and York Region Labour Council
Toronto Christian Resource Centre
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War (TCSW)
Toronto Drop-In Network (TDIN)
Toronto East for Peace
Toronto Street News
Toronto Women's Housing Co-Op
Transition House Association of Nova Scotia
Trinity Spadina Green Party
Truth Media Network
United Front Canada
United Society's For Freedom
University Of Manitoba Womyn's Centre
Veterans Against Nuclear Arms (Ontario & Quebec)
Victoria Raging Grannies
Welfare Committee for the Assyrian
Windward Housing Cooperative
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
York University Faculty Association (YUFA)
Young Communist League


Political Supporters:

Dawn Black, MP
Olivia Chow, MP
Libby Davies, MP
Janet Davis, Toronto City Councillor
Cheri DiNovo, MPP - Ontario
Paul Falvo, Yellowknife City Councillor
Paula Fletcher, Toronto City Councillor
Yvon Godin, MP
Jack Layton, MP (federal New Democratic Party leader)
Rosario Marchese, MPP - Ontario
Wayne Marston, MP
Tony Martin, MP
Brian Masse, MP
Irene Mathyssen, MP
Pam McConnell, Toronto City Councillor
Joe Mihevc, Toronto City Councillor
Peggy Nash, MP
Michael Oddy (Poverty Elimination Critic, Green Party of Canada)
Gord Perks, Toronto City Councillor
Michael Prue, MPP - Ontario
Bill Siksay, MP
Peter Tabuns, MPP - Ontario
Adam Vaughan, Toronto City Councillor



Thousands of people have signed, including...

John Andras
Maude Barlow
Karl Beveridge
Carole Conde
Cathy Crowe
Rita Deverell
Rex Deverell
Shirley Douglas
Ursula Franklin

Beric German
Alice Heap
Don Heap
David Hulchanski
Mendelson Joe
Naomi Klein
Joy Kogawa
Avi Lewis
Stephen Lewis
Linda McQuaig

Sister Susan Moran
Gordon Pinsent
Sarah Polley
Eric Peterson
Judy Rebick
Charles Roach
Peter Rosenthal
Micheal Shapcott
David Walsh


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Paul Aarntzen - Halifax, NS
Ahlam Abd-Al-Sttar - Toronto, ON
Ilona Abramovich - Toronto, ON
Robert Acheson - Pickering, ON
Bruce Adams -  BC
Claire Adamson - Montreal, QC
Lyn Adamson   
K. Adlard   
Terry Adler   
Bob Adlington - Cochane, AB
Joanna Adnuek - Toronto, ON
Anastasialuz Adora - Toronto, ON
Noemi Adorjan - Toronto, ON
R. Agnew - Toronto, ON
Anita Agrawal - Toronto, ON
Jennifer Ahamed - Brampton, ON
Salman Ahmad   
Jamil Ahmed - Toronto, ON
Farah Ahmed   
Jenny Ahn - Toronto, ON
Mujahed Akbar - Markham, ON
Ismaa Al Aloul   
Diane Albrecht - Oshawa, ON
Telma Alencar - Ottawa, ON
Gaye Frances Alexander - Toronto, ON
Jon Alexander - Toronto, ON
Rev. Robert Alexander - Toronto, ON
Milnor Alexander - Victoria, BC
Nedhal Alhaidani   
Mohamed Ali   
Siraj Ali   
Liane Alleluia - Toronto, ON
Ashlee Allen - Kingston, ON
Nicole Allin - Mississauga, ON
Angela Allwright - Red Deer, AB
Shana Almeida   
Carlos Almeida   
Janis Alton - Mississauga, ON
Douglas Alton - Mississauga, ON
Ricardo Alvarez - Toronto, ON
M. Amirsetia - Vancouver, BC
Ken Amoroso - Toronto, ON
Laure Ampilhac - Toronto, ON
Collin Anderson - Calgary, AB
Steve Anderson - Newmarket, ON
Frederick Anderson - Sault Sainte Marie, ON
Kathryn Anderson - Tatamagouche, NS
Ann Anderson - Wolfville, NS
John & Muriel Anderson   
John Andrews - Toronto, ON
Barbara Anello - North Bay, ON
Lis Angus   
Jen Anthony - Ottawa, ON
Mike Antoniades - Toronto, ON
Maria Antonio   
Jamine Aponte - Toronto, ON
Jessica Appiah - Toronto, ON
Patricia Appleton - Toronto, ON
Melissa Appleton   
Maria Aquino - Toronto, ON
Norma Araiza   
Dr. Saul Arbess - Victoria, BC
Rick Archbold - Toronto, ON
Mauricio Arenas - Weston, ON
Heather Armstrong - Chilliwack, BC
Helen Armstrong - Toronto, ON
Jan Armstrong - Toronto, ON
Michelle Arscott - Toronto, ON
Paul Artson   
Alison Ashamalla - Toronto, ON
Kevin Ashfield - Toronto, ON
B. R. Ashley - Toronto, ON
Alex Atamanenko - Ottawa, ON
Joan Atkinson   
George Auerbach - Thornhill, ON
Monica Auerbach - Thornhill, ON
Vicki Austad   
Jess Austen - Minden, ON
Sarah Austen - Toronto, ON
Patricia Austin   
Babak Azad - Toronto, ON
Sylvat Aziz - Kingston, ON
Kamran Azmatullah   
Joelle B. - Calgary, AB
Gabby B. - Toronto, ON
Andrian Babbington - Brampton, ON
Michael Babcock - Toronto, ON
Wendy Babcock - Toronto, ON
Mary Babic   
Karen Bach - Toronto, ON
Graeme Bacque - Toronto, ON
Liza Badaloo - Toronto, ON
A. Z. Bader - Markham, ON
Raha Bahvejni - Richmond Hill, ON
Carol Bailey - Toronto, ON
Heather Bain   
Kent Baker - Halifax, NS
A. Baksi   
Neil Balan - Saskatoon, SK
Vindu Balani - London, ON
Xavier Balducci - Toronto, ON
Raffi Balian   
Tom Balint - Welland, ON
Jane Ballantyne - Toronto, ON
Diane Baltaz - Hamilton, ON
Alana Baltzer   
Jennifer Bamlu - Toronto, ON
Nicola Bangham - Creemore, ON
Helen Banh - Toronto, ON
John Bankuti - Toronto, ON
K. Barasedi - Toronto, ON
Lara Barker - Toronto, ON
Joe Barkovich - Welland, ON
Maude Barlow - Ottawa, ON
Sarah Barmak - Toronto, ON
Lorraine Barnaby - Toronto, ON
Julia Barnett - Etobicoke, ON
Kevin Barrett - Toronto, ON
Michael Barrett - Vancouver, BC
Douglas Barry - Peterborough, ON
Christine Barta - Toronto, ON
Elena Basile - Toronto, ON
Lisa Bastien   
Sonya Bates - Toronto, ON
Ali Bayat - Bowmanville, ON
Anne Bayin - Toronto, ON
Eddy Be   
Wilf Bean - Tatamagouche, NS
Bill Beathy - Thornhill, ON
Jim Beattie - Hamilton, ON
Ann Beatty - Toronto, ON
Gail Beatty   
Kristina Beaubien - Toronto, ON
Kaili Beck - Sudbury, ON
Joanne Beck   
Christine Beckermann - Toronto, ON
Julie Beddoes - Toronto, ON
Evan Begbie - Surrey, BC
Brian Beharry - Toronto, ON
Colleen Bell - Toronto, ON
John Bell - Toronto, ON
Lorraine Bell -  BC
Alison Bellaire   
Susan Bellefeuille   
Marie L. Belliveau - St. Catharines, ON
Jeff Bennie - Ottawa, ON
Brad Benson - Gibsons, BC
Katia Berdichtevsky   
Babsy Bermes - Toronto, ON
Mario Bernardo - Toronto, ON
Matthew Bernly   
Veronica Berry - Courtenay, BC
Frances Berry - Kingston, ON
Iris Berryman - Hamilton, ON
Leila Besir   
Aurecie Besson - Toronto, ON
Nicole Best - Toronto, ON
Heather Beveridge - Uxbridge, ON
Sebastien Bezeau   
Mandeep Bhamra   
Farzana Bhatty - Toronto, ON
Fathana Bhatty - Toronto, ON
Ken Billings - Ottawa, ON
James Bindernagel - Kitchener, ON
Wilma Marie Bindernagel - Kitchener, ON
David Bird - Whitby, ON
Adam Bishop - Guelph, ON
Joan Bishop - Ottawa, ON
John Black   
Scott Blackhall - Newmarket, ON
Phil Bladen - Preeceville, SK
Brian Blanchard   
Phillip Blaney - Saint John, NB
Gary Bloch   
Elizabeth Block - Toronto, ON
Daniel Blumenfeld   
Hillari Blumfald - Toronto, ON
Liza Bobb-Inniss - Toronto, ON
Faline Bobier   
Annamarie Bohus - Brampton, ON
Lynette Bondarchuk - Edmonton, AB
John Bonnar   
Brigitte Bonner - Ridgeway, ON
Molly Bonnerma - Toronto, ON
Katie Boone - Toronto, ON
Betty Borg - Peterborough, ON
Karen Borian - Toronto, ON
Bob Borreson - Bon Accord, AB
Claude Bouchoul - Toronto, ON
Eric Bourgeois - Cambridge, ON
G. Bourgeois   
Sally Bovell - Ajax ON
Lloyd Bowers - Guelph, ON
Lisa Bowers - Port Colborne, ON
P. Bowley - Toronto, ON
Barry D. Boyce - Peterborough, ON
Mary Boyd - Charlottetown, PEI
Yohan Boyden - Toronto, ON
Al Boyer - Toronto, ON
Eduardo Boza - Toronto, ON
Cardine Bracht - Toronto, ON
Shona Bracken - Toronto, ON
Shona Bracker - Toronto, ON
Tara Bradford - Toronto, ON
Roy Brady - Peterborough, ON
Frances Brady - Toronto, ON
Zubaida Braganca - Toronto, ON
Cara Brand - Victoria, BC
Amber Brandenburg - Toronto, ON
Susan Brandt - Calgary, AB
Mark Brett - Hamilton, ON
Lia Brewer - Toronto, ON
Rachel Brewer - Toronto, ON
Rae Bridgman - Winnipeg, MB
Elizabeth Briemberg - Burnaby, BC
Bonnie Briggs - Toronto, ON
Kerre Briggs   
Don Bright - Cowischan Bay, BC
Marque Brill   
Stewart Brinton   
Sarah Briscoe - Mississauga, ON
Nancy Brister - Wolfville, NS
Jaclyn Bristow   
Domenic Brizzi   
Larry Brockelbank - Midland, ON
Leo Broderick - Charlottetown, PEI
Ronda Brook - Ottawa, ON
Delores Broten -  BC
Beth Brown - Toronto, ON
Glen Brown - Toronto, ON
Alex Brown - Toronto, ON
Sonia Brown - Toronto, ON
Evetta Brown - Toronto, ON
Evetta Brown   
Andrea Brown   
Dennis Brown   
Joanna Brubacher - Toronto, ON
Cathy Bryan - Kingston, ON
Toba Bryant - Toronto, ON
Andrew Buchan - Whitehorse, YK
Resh Buditu   
Lynn Bue - Ottawa, ON
David Bugh - Toronto, ON
Jim Buller - Scarborough, ON
Michael Bunn - Toronto, ON
Victor Bunnaman - Barrie, ON
Rev. Brian Burch   
Sarah Burd - Oakville, ON
Robin Burgess   
Colleen Burke - Toronto, ON
Juanita Burnett - Guelph, ON
Loretta Burns - Niagara Falls, ON
Sharon Burns - Vancouver, BC
Terry Burrell - Toronto, ON
Agnes Burrows - Glace Bay, NS
Joanne Bury - Redbridge, ON
Pam Bush - Vancouver, BC
Doug Butler - Kitchener, ON
Robin Buyers - Toronto, ON
Patrick Byrne   
Sandra C. - Toronto, ON
Eddie Cabrera - Toronto, ON
Nikki Cahill - Waterloo, ON
Aaron Cain - Toronto, ON
Tammy Caldwell   
Andrea Calver   
Ian Cameron - Toronto, ON
Marco Campana - Toronto, ON
Pauline & Randy Campbell - Barrie, ON
Elisha Campbell - Red Deer, AB
Doug Canning - Maple Ridge, BC
Susan Cannon - Mississauga, ON
Hanna Caplan - Toronto, ON
B. Carch - Toronto, ON
Karen Carlson   
Stephen Carmichael - Belleville, ON
Katharine Carmichael - Edmonton, AB
Susan Carnahan   
Amanda Carpenter - Regina, ON
Erin Carpenter - Toronto, ON
Jim Carr - Kingston, ON
Alli Carr - Montreal, QC
Irene Carriere - Toronto, ON
Larry Carriere   
Catherine Carroll - Toronto, ON
Barbara Carruthers - Thornhill, ON
Carol Carson   
Jenny Carter - Peterborough, ON
Janine Carter - Toronto, ON
Bryanna Carter - Toronto, ON
Catherine Casey - Kingston, ON
Grant Cassidy - Hamilton, ON
Marcelo Castro - Toronto, ON
William Cavalier - Kelowna, BC
Anne Caza - Ottawa, ON
Rae Celotti   
Meena Chadha - Toronto, ON
Taina Maki Chahal - Thunder Bay, ON
Michele Champagne   
Jennifer Chan - Toronto, ON
Colin Chan - Toronto, ON
Edward Chan - Toronto, ON
Jennifer Chang - Toronto, ON
Lawrence Chanin - Victoria, BC
Aylish Chantler - Toronto, ON
Debra Chapman - Kitchener, ON
Caitlyn Chappell - Montreal, QC
Doris Charchali - Toronto, ON
Didier Charles - Ripon, QC
Davin Charney - Toronto, ON
D. Charters   
Patricia Chastang - Toronto, ON
D. Chaters - Peterborough, ON
June-Etta Chenard - St. Catharines, ON
Pierre Cheric   
Robert Chernecki   
Amarjeet Chhabra   
Saira Chhibber   
Perpetya Chiaive   
David Chiasson - Sarnia, ON
Roger Chicoine - Orillia, ON
Marie Chidley - Edmonton, AB
Helen Chilas   
Mark Chilton   
Nancy Chisholm - Toronto, ON
Jessica Chisholm-Nelson - Toronto, ON
Michael Chong - Thornhill, ON
Dave Chonsilvar   
Denise Chow - Vancouver, BC
Sid Chow Tan   
Yen Chue - Toronto, ON
Sandra Chui - Toronto, ON
K. Chung   
James Clark - Toronto, ON
Victoria Clarke   
Brett Clarkson - Toronto, ON
Kamilah Clayton   
Robin Fairchild Clennell - Toronto, ON
Paul Clifford - Toronto, ON
Sherri Cline - Halifax, NS
Peter Clutterbuck - Toronto, ON
Andy Coats - Toronto, ON
Frank Coburn - Toronto, ON
Norbesto Coceres   
Wayne Cock - Pictou, NS
Janice Coles - Toronto, ON
Richard Collier - Calgary, AB
Carolyn Combs   
Eldon Comfort - Toronto, ON
Michael Connolly - Toronto, ON
Shana Conroy - Ottawa, ON
Denise Conway - Toronto, ON
Brenda Cooper - Cape Breton, NS
H. Cooper - Toronto, ON
Penina Coopersmith - Toronto, ON
Shelley Cooper-Stephenson - Saskatoon, SK
Jen Coorsh - St. Catharines, ON
Paul Copeland - Toronto, ON
Candace Corbett - Prince George, BC
Alan Cormack   
Auréa Cormier - Moncton, NB
Mirtha Coronel - Toronto, ON
Cheryl Coughlin - Halifax County, NS
Tanya Couins   
Andrea Coulson - Toronto, ON
Paula Coutinho   
Elaine Couto   
Anita Couvrette - Gibsons, BC
Kenneth Cowan - Scarborough, ON
Mary Cowper-Smith   
Donna Cox - Port Coquitlam, BC
Lois Cox - Toronto, ON
Andrew Cox - Vancouver, BC
Ron Craven - Toronto, ON
Brenda Crawford - Toronto, ON
Jamie Crawley - Windsor, ON
Alexander Crawley   
Lee Creal - Toronto, ON
Charlene Creelman - Peterborough, ON
David Creighton - Ottawa, ON
Phyllis Creighton - Toronto, ON
Andrew Cresswell   
Carol Crocker - Brampton, ON
Vera Crocker - Toronto, ON
Sarah Crocker - Vancouver, BC
Bob Crook   
LeeAnne Cross - Peterborough, ON
Lorraine Cross   
David K. Crowe - Kingston, ON
Jean Crowe - Kingston, ON
Mariam Cruikshank - Toronto, ON
Stuart Cryer - Sudbury, ON
Alison Cumbaa - Toronto, ON
Catherine Cumberland - Toronto, ON
Mic Cune   
Mark Cunningham - Halifax, NS
Matthew Curran   
Jane Currelly   
Sean Currie - Ft. Saskathewan, AB
Jen Currin - Vancouver, BC
Cherie Curry - Victoria, BC
Carol  lynne DíArcangelis - Toronto, ON
Zeena DíSouza - Toronto, ON
Naomi Dachner - Toronto, ON
Deena Dadachauy - Toronto, ON
Margery Dahn - Lunenburg, NS
Christine Dahonick - Mississauga, ON
Amanda Dainow   
Isolde Daiski - Toronto, ON
Karen Dalain - Toronto, ON
Nick D'Alicandro - Toronto, ON
Zahra Damji   
Shalini Dandeenu - Toronto, ON
Jasmine Dang - Toronto, ON
V. Daniel - Edmonton, AB
Alice Daniels - Revelstoke, BC
Tenkorang Kwabena Danso - Toronto, ON
Krista D'Aoust - Hamilton, ON
Debbie DasRames - Toronto, ON
Regini David - Toronto, ON
Jessie Davidson - Feversham, ON
Kolin Davidson - Toronto, ON
Pat Davidson - Toronto, ON
Adam Davidson-Harden - Kitchener, ON
Mary Davies - Vancouver, BC
Javier Davila - Toronto, ON
Zeleda Davis - Etobicoke, ON
Merle Davis - Toronto, ON
R. Glenn Davis - Toronto, ON
Nick Davis-Peters - Winnipeg, MB
Ruby Day - Toronto, ON
Lauie De Camillis   
Minnie de Jong - Cobourg, ON
Wayne de Jong - Hamilton, ON
Jacqueline de Schutter   
Alice de Wolff - Toronto, ON
John Deacon - Toronto, ON
Elsie Dean   
Sarah Debono - Toronto, ON
Karen Decker   
Ann Decter   
Greg deGroot-Maggetti - Kitchener, ON
Marianne Del Bosco   
Rita Delaney` - Kitchener, ON
Hayley Delill   
John Dempsey - Toronto, ON
Joe Dennis   
Meaghan Derynck   
Sharon Desousa - Toronto, ON
Leonard Desroches   
Morgan Detmer   
Judith Deutsch - Toronto, ON
Zita Devan - Lindsay, ON
Kimberley Devlin - Mississauga, ON
Jock Devonshire - Kingston, ON
Crystal Dewan - Toronto, ON
Francis Dexter   
Sundeep Dhamroist   
Ruth di Giovanni - Montreal, QC
Luisa Di Iorio   
Valerie A. Diablo - Lillooet, BC
Letraa Diaz   
Karen Dick - Toronto, ON
Lorna and Harry Diggle - Rimbey, AB
Jocelyn Dilworth   
Sabrina Dinelli - Toronto, ON
Guido Dinelli - Vaughan, ON
Shukria Dini - Toronto, ON
Tuval Dinner - Toronto, ON
Daniel Dionne - Yellowknife, NWT
Chris D'Iorio   
Anthony DiPasquale - Toronto, ON
Millicent Dixon   
Farzana Doctor   
Zoe Dodd   
Joanne Dolan - Montreal, QC
Marilyn Dolmage - Toronto, ON
Fionnuala Donaghy - Toronto, ON
Matthew Donnelly - Toronto, ON
Dave Dorion - Toronto, ON
Debbie Douglas - Toronto, ON
Pamela Douglas - West Vancouver, BC
Sylvia Doull - Kamloops, BC
Lisa Doupe   
Chris Dowling - Toronto, ON
Terry Downey - Toronto, ON
Chimere Downey - Toronto, ON
Jerry Downey - Toronto, ON
Emily Doyle   
Ward Draper - Abbotsford, BC
Camla Draven - Toronto, ON
Chris Draxl   
Phyl Drennan - Almonte, ON
Vivian Dser Weren   
Michael Dudley - Winnipeg, MB
Leona Dueck   
Nicole Dufour - Toronto, ON
Phillip Dufresne - Toronto, ON
Cydne Dufresne - Toronto, ON
Palden Dugda   
Audrey Duggan - Toronto, ON
Diane Duhamel - Toronto, ON
F. P. Dunleavy - Toronto, ON
Sheila Dunnachie - Mayne Island, BC
Jeri Dunne - Toronto, ON
Carol Dunphy - Toronto, ON
Christina Duvander - Pointe Claire, QC
Julie Dwyer-Young - Burlington, ON
Tanicia Dyer - Brampton, ON
Terisa E. Turner - Guelph, ON
Michael E. Wheeler - Ottawa, ON
Euleen Eagles   
Katherine Earle - Winnipeg, MB
Tessa Edward - Toronto, ON
Marlo Edwards - Kelowna, BC
Paul Edwards   
Kevin Egan - Toronto, ON
Anne Egger   
Peter Eglin - Kitchener/Waterloo Region, ON
Jay Eidemiller - Montreal, QC
Doug Elder - Toronto, ON
Maria Elena Mesa   
Pam Elias - Winnipeg, MB
Sue Ann Elite - Toronto, ON
Adonis El-Jamal - Mississauga, ON
Sami Elkhayri - London, ON
Charity Elliot - Burlington, ON
Kim Elliott - Ottawa, ON
Ri Elliott   
Aryon Elmers - Toronto, ON
Sandra Emery - Hamilton, ON
Evan Engering - Mississauga, ON
Teresa Engler - Edmonton, AB
Greg Enkel - Sutton West, ON
Elena Escobal - Mississauga, ON
Behnam Esfahanizadel - Toronto, ON
Al Eslami - Toronto, ON
Mohamed Eslami - Toronto, ON
A. Eslan - Toronto, ON
A. Esmail - Toronto, ON
Sosan Etrat - Toronto, ON
Lois Evans - Edmonton, AB
Jessie Evans - Montreal, QC
Brenda Everett   
Scott Eyers - Toronto, ON
Janet Fairfield - Toronto, ON
Frank Falvo - Charlottetown, PEI
Nick Falvo - Toronto, ON
Paul Falvo - Yellowknife, NWT
Abdi Farah - Toronto, ON
Assadullah Farahmand - Toronto, ON
Laura Farberman   
Y. Farkas - Toronto, ON
Mike Farley   
Shirley Farlinger - Toronto, ON
Valerie Farquey - Mississauga, ON
Hannah Farrell - Ajax, ON
Al Farrington   
Mary Fatta - Toronto, ON
Rev. Debra Faulk - Toronto, ON
Bernie Febria - Scarborough, ON
T. Febria - Toronto, ON
Debra Fehr - Winnipeg, MB
Gerald Felker - Lillooet, BC
Kelly Ferguson   
Brian Ferguson   
Pam Ferguson   
Sonia Fernandes - Mississauga, ON
Phillip Fernandez   
Sharmini Fernando - Toronto, ON
Christine Ferrari - Toronto, ON
Heather Ferrarin   
Paul Ferreira - Toronto, ON
Marilyn Ferrel - Toronto, ON
Orlando Ferro - Belleville, ON
Antonia Fikkert   
George Fillion - Thunder Bay, ON
Anne-Marie Findlay   
Mic Finlay   
Sue Finlay   
Daryl Finlayson   
Suzanne Fish - Toronto, ON
Margaret Fisher - Frontenac, QC
Joanne Fisher - Toronto, ON
Veronica Fitzgerald - Brampton, ON
Karen Fitzpatrick - Delta, BC
Ann Fitzpatrick - Toronto, ON
Peggy Flanagan - Kingston, ON
Doris Floding - Toronto, ON
George Floresco - Ottawa, ON
Marianne Flory - Saskatoon, SK
Matt Fodor   
Danica Fogarty - Toronto, ON
Frank Fohr   
Anastasialuz Fonseca - Toronto, ON
Anne Marie Foote - Halifax, NS
Jesse Forbes - Whitby, ON
Melissa Forhan - Vancouver, BC
William Forrest - Toronto, ON
Wendy Forrest   
Monica Forrestrer - Toronto, ON
Sandra Forsythe - Ajax, ON
Edwina Fort - Brockville, ON
Katha Fortier   
Rebecca Fortin - Pickering ON
Sky Foster - Toronto, ON
Erica Foulkes - Vancouver, BC
Graham Fowler - Toronto, ON
Jo Fox - Vancouver, BC
Linda Fox -  BC
Charmaine Frado - Toronto, ON
Elayne Francis - Toronto, ON
Leuba Franko - Winnipeg, MB
Kelly Franks - Ottawa, ON
Shirley Fraser - Mississauga, ON
Kim Fraser - Toronto, ON
Jim Freeman   
David Frevola - Halifax, NS
Larry Friesen - Winnipeg, MB
Shannon Friesen - Winnipeg, MB
Anke Fritzsche - Ottawa, ON
Kim Fry - Toronto, ON
Derek Fudge - Nepean, ON
Norune Fuentes-C.   
Vanessa Fuentes-Castro   
JJ Fueser - Toronto, ON
Sharon Fummerton - Penticton, BC
Harold Funk - Grand Forks, BC
Fred Furlong - Halifax, NS
Patricia Futterer - Toronto, ON
Marilyn Gaa - Edmonton, AB
Joan Gaensbauer   
Sally Gaikezheyongai - Toronto, ON
Gabriel Galang - Toronto, ON
Phyllis Gallimore - Mississauga, ON
Suzanne Galloway - Peterborough, ON
Corrie Galloway - Toronto, ON
Jay Gammy - Toronto, ON
Danielle Ganesh   
Xiao Gang Li - Toronto, ON
Carol Garcia - Toronto, ON
June Garden - Surrey, BC
Janet Gardiner - Toronto, ON
Denise Garneau -  QC
Nancy Garrow - Toronto, ON
Banki Gary - Toronto, ON
Michele Gaudet - Toronto, ON
Sarah Gauntlett   
Rheanne Gautreau   
Sharon Gazeley - Toronto, ON
Christine Gebel - Toronto, ON
Cara Gee - Toronto, ON
V GeGuzman - Toronto, ON
Erin George - Toronto, ON
Vi Gerbrandt   
Erica German - Guelph, ON
Tom German   
Jojo Geronimo   
Suzanne Gessler - Winnipeg, MB
Tara Ghanbari - Toronto, ON
Marian Ghoddard - West Vancouver, BC
Elaine Gibson - Ottawa, ON
James Gibson - Scarborough, ON
Cathay Gibson   
M. Giesbrecht - Winnipeg, MB
Tracie Gignac - Brampton, ON
A. Gilbert - Vancouver, BC
Roger V. Gilbert   
Brady Gilchrist   
Gagandeep Gill - Etobicoke, ON
Sheri Gillespie   
Rena Ginsberg - Toronto, ON
R. Ginsberg - Toronto, ON
Glenn Girard - Surrey, BC
Sebastien Girard   
Sandra Glaasbeek   
Sandra Glasbeek - Toronto, ON
Vlad Glebov - Toronto, ON
Tracy Glynn - Miramichi, NB
Morgan Goddard - Ottawa, ON
Chadeen Godfrey   
Russ Godfrey   
Monica Godin - Toronto, ON
Paul Goggan - Oshawa, ON
Sherrie Golden   
Paul Golding - Oshawa, ON
Luin Goldring   
Sunshine Goldsberry -  BC
Rosa Goldstein - Sidney, BC
Melissa Goldstein - Toronto, ON
Shel Goldstein - Toronto, ON
Idalia Gonzalez - Mississauga, ON
Nancy Gonzalez   
Idalia Gonzalez   
Simon Good - Ottawa, ON
Matthew Goodings   
Jeffrey Goodman   
Toni Gordon - Toronto, ON
Robin Gordon - Toronto, ON
Morteza Gorgzadeh - Toronto, ON
Cathy Goring - Toronto, ON
Ed Gould - St. Catharines, ON
Sébastien Goulet - Gatineau, QC
Robb Gowe - Guelph, ON
Mae Gracey - Parksville, BC
Victor Granic - Toronto, ON
Ann Grant   
Monique Gravelle - North Bay, ON
Matthew Graves   
Mark Gray - Gilford, ON
Kimberly Gray - Toronto, ON
Daina Green - Toronto, ON
Allison Greenbaum - Toronto, ON
T Greenberg - Toronto, ON
Teya Greenberg - Toronto, ON
garry greene - Victoria, BC
Princess Greenland - Markham ON
Annemarie Greenwood   
Kari Gregorio   
Georgette Gregory   
David Greig - Etobicoke, ON
Mark Grieveson   
Joshua Gronzalar   
Katherine Grosjean   
B. Grouchy - Oshawa, ON
Anne Grube - Kamloops, BC
Susi Gruda - Ottawa, ON
Florence Gruer - Toronto, ON
Sandra Guiboche - Winnipeg, MB
Tanya Gulliver